Farewell To A One Of A Kind Cat - RIP, George

I lost my baby this morning. George woke me up at 2:30 with a little cry, the most noise she's made in days. She was lying in the doorway of my bedroom. I carried her into bed and held her as she took her last breaths. I'm so grateful I got to be with her as she left.

The final blood tests results had showed it was very likely she had leukemia. However, the Vet wasn't sure if those results were skewed by the pancreatitis. I believe she had been fighting the leukemia for a while and it ended up being too much for her.

Looking back, I can honestly say she didn't show anything amiss until the weekend before last when she started becoming very lethargic and stopped showing an interest in eating. I hope she wasn't in pain and hiding it but, if she were, she was a great actress and I'm comforted by knowing she didn't suffer a long time.

Last night, she went to the patio door so I let her out. That must have been her last hurrah as she explored the great outdoors of the patio slab and lounged in several different places, including the dirtiest spot out there.

Steven came over and we discussed what to do. He thought she looked good enough to try to let the steroids kick in for a few more days. I was willing to see what the morning would bring and tried to be hopeful

As always, George did what she wanted to do and decided it was time.

Here's a baby picture of George. I remember clearly when we brought her home. She cried in the carrier the entire car ride. She never did learn to like riding in a car. She captivated my heart immediately and soon ran the house. My attempts at keeping her off the table and the kitchen counter were soon abandoned. It was clear her will was greater than mine.

So tiny!
Here's how I think we'll all remember her. It was a tradition for me to post what was the first picture of all of my trips. George investigating, holding on to, climbing into my suitcase. It never got old for her or for me or for her fans on Facebook.

You're taking me with you, right?
George wasn't quite six years old which is far too young to be gone. However, she provided more laughter and stories and attitude in those short years than most do in a much longer life.

Words can't express how much I'm going to miss her.


Jim Duddleston said…
So sorry to hear about your loss of George!

We always looked forward to her adventures when you were traveling.

She was lucky to have a Mother/Friend like you!

Rest in Peace,George,
GodSpeed little Kitty!
Oh no I am so sorry! It is so hard when it is so sudden and you don't much have time to prepare. My cat Cuppa Tea just started acting off one weekend so we took him to the vet. It turned out that he had massive kidney failure and we had to put him to sleep that same day. I was so devastated I stayed home from work and cried for a week. (Honestly it made me tear up just reading this post.) So definitely do what you gotta do. I will think happy thoughts for George.
<3 Alia
TaborTooth said…
Kathy, there are no words to comfort, nor ease your sorrow. She filled you up with so much love and devotion, which you gave back in kind. I am so very sorry
The Makovecs said…
Kathy, words can't describe how we really feel about our pets. They are children. My prayers go out to you for your loss. Love and prayer, Jennie and Jon
Cheesehead said…
Thank you for the warm thoughts. She was quite the character and has left a large hole in my life but all the kind words from everyone is filling that hole up.

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