This Could Have Ended Poorly

I have a co-worker who is into beer as much as I am. Perhaps even more. We often chat about bars, restaurants and stores where we have find something especially delightful.

When one of my friends' brothers was brokering a major purchase of a fantastic Croatian beer, I was all over getting a case. I don't know, nor do I care, if he bought it out of the back of a truck but I know I bought my case for cash out of the back of a car. Just sayin...

So dee-licious!
The case never made it past right inside my front door because I am that lazy but it was a good physical reminder to bring in a bottle for my bud. One morning, I thought to grab one on my way into work.

It didn't occur to me until I was walking into the lobby that perhaps I should have brought it in a bag. "What me, bringing booze into the work place? Why, no, that would be inappropriate and I'm all about propriety." My next thought was a wish for a sticky note saying "It's not cold, I swear!"

I left the bottle on my co-worker's desk. When he discovered it, he put it in our departmental fridge. Well, that had the potential to not look so good. Good thing we're the only ones who use it. 

Another person went to the fridge to get something out and the bottle fell on to the floor. Thankfully, it did not break as I was imagining the conversation I'd have to have with our Facilities team.

"Um, yeah, we need our carpet cleaned because we spilled something...What did we spill? Um, er, uh, a bottle of something...What type of something? OK, you got me, we spilled beer, please don't demote me, I just got this promotion!"

Lesson learned - we need to do the alcohol handoffs in the parking lot. Although, that might make it look like we're dealing drugs. Sigh. 


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