Sometimes, It's The Little Things

Work has been craptastic the last few weeks. Lots to do to begin with but then we spent several days dealing with a production server that decided to be a repeat a-hole. Computers are like that. It chewed through several hard drives and we have to completely rebuild it on Saturday. Of course, all that drama meant that the "lots to do" became "lots to catch up on plus new lots to do".


There were some nice things that came out of it. The team pulling together. The business users being very understanding. Shipping product coming to a grinding halt. Oh, wait, that part totally sucked.

As I sat at my desk, I repeatedly turned to my right so I could look at my wall calendar. I made one for my parents for Christmas and, after seeing how much they really enjoyed it, I made one for myself.

Here is February:

All you need is love!
Since I'm a single girl, I chose to focus on platonic love for Valentine's Day month. All the pictures are from last year and no one in there is a romantic couple. (Though Phred Parrott probably has a thing for Hal because, who doesn't?) Hal is posing with Phred at Migration. Paula is kissing Dave to show she wasn't mad that he poured a drink on her. Pete and Tammy are dancing at Ann and Josh's wedding. Mary (Thom's favorite O'Malley) is pecking Thom on the cheek at Last Man Standing in Vegas.

Every time I looked at the pictures, I felt more calm and sometimes borderline happy. Until that rat bastard server went down again. But, I would refocus on the really great memories that each of those pictures have for me.

Good times with great friends. Not even an a-hole server can take away the joy from that. This one calendar may be what saves my sanity in 2014.


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