Sick Kitteh

Poor George. She started to look poorly on Monday night. Just not her usual perky self. Didn't greet me at the door, didn't sleep with me. Tuesday morning found her curled up on the couch with no intention of moving. I had fed her some treats and got her to drink a little water but she was clearly off.

However, when I came home to check on her at lunch on Tuesday, she seemed better. She was walking around and ate some cheese I gave her so I thought maybe it was just an upset stomach that she needed to work through.

Alas, Tuesday night when I got home found her unmoved from when I left her at lunch. She also hadn't used her litter box nor would she take any food or water.

First thing this morning, I called the Vet and got their first available appointment which was this afternoon. I knew she was really not well when she barely fought getting into her carrier. She HATES that thing despite the fact that it's totally stylish and matches her fur.

As usual, she cried in the car the entire way to the Vet's but I think that wore her out because she completely ignored Kevin when he came over to say hello. Kevin is the cat that lives at the Vet's office. He jumped up next to her and sniffed through the carrier and even tried to chew on it and she didn't react at all.

Once we made it into the examining room, the Tech weighed her, took her temperature and did a physical exam. She was running a fever but nothing else seemed alarming.

Ironically, George couldn't wait to get back into her carrier at that point. She tried a few times during the exam and was thrilled when she could climb back in. This is the look she gave me:

I will END you when I'm feeling better!
She ultimately came out of it with a shot of antibiotics and some fluids and they're going to test her urine to see if anything is wacky. If she doesn't get better by Friday, we'll move on to blood work. The good thing is that the Doc couldn't feel any out of the ordinary in her gut so it's probably just a UTI.

George is clearly a Pfister because they all knew her. Of course, when you're a miracle kitty, people will do that. The Tech remembered how much she complained the last time (she barely peeped this time) and the Doc walked in and said, "The famous George is here!" He said he tells her story about five times a year to people with cats who have stones.

The Doc also remembered me. He asked if I'd been out of town or was planning on going out of town then wanted to know if I would be available to bring her back tomorrow or Friday if she wasn't better. It was difficult getting her consistent treatment last time because I kept leaving for faraway places.

As they were taking her to the back for her shots, Kevin scooted into the room and jumped up on the counter. What a goof! I guessed the code but didn't want to break any rules but this is what he did:

This means "turn on the water so I can drink it".
The tech came back with George, laughed at Kevin and turned the faucet on so it dripped for him. He sat there and drank for at least five minutes.

The ride home was much quieter. Either George was worn out or she was just relieved to have left their office. She also couldn't wait to get out of the carrier.

I'm keeping an eye on her. That extra fluid should go through her sooner rather than later and I was able to get her to not only eat a few treats, but come get them. I think (hope!) she's on the mend.


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