Girl In A Country Song

I realize I'm on an anti-Brocountry crusade. Obsession, even.

This song does a great job of explaining why I'm unhappy. Nails it, in fact. This new genre seems to treat women like cars and tractors - just there to look good and be fast.

Oh, and don't even get me started on rap in country. Ugh. (Holding back 1,000 word essay on why it vexes me.)

I clearly need to chill as my blood pressure is high enough on its own. And, it would be better for said blood pressure to focus on some of the wonderful relationship songs that some male artists are putting out. The problem is that I hear one "good" song followed by three that aggravate me.

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, life is good, move on, chillaxe.


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