Sugar and Fat and Wine - Could Brunch Get Any Better?

It's tough to get all of the Chick Poker gang together for an evening so we fill in with brunch dates. Sometimes, we go out, other times someone hosts at their house.

Stacey was a host this month and, inspired by National Doughnut Day (which has a very interesting history), declared that everyone had to bring three of their favorite doughnuts then we would sample and judge. The judging comes naturally to this group. We have one super baker in our midst so she was commanded to make duffins (that's a combo of doughnut and muffin for those not in the know).

To balance out the doughnuts, we were encouraged to bring fruits or veggies.

There was also some wine drinking though the majority had iced tea. I'm not sure why those people are still my friends.

There were only five of us...

I'm not a big doughnut fan and I didn't want to go way out of my way to get Rainbow Donuts (our work favorites) so I went to Krispy Kreme which was conveniently located next to Safeway where I picked up a veggie/cheese/sausage tray. My options were Peach Pie (never had it before so I was curious), a creme filled Chocolate frosted and a Chocolate frosted with Jimmies. Because Jimmies are cool. Jimmies should be on everything.

Fractured Prune is the only other source whose name I caught. We tried a Margarita, Breakfast Bomb, Morning Buzz, Salted Caramel, French Toast and some Princess one. One of them had shaved bacon on it which, in theory, sounded delicious but I found the pepper they used on the  bacon was overwhelming.

The duffins where the bomb. That girl can bake!

The three doughnut rule was not adhered to, however, and we had a surplus of fried treats. I actually don't think anyone even ate the equivalent of three doughnuts, either, but everyone was happy to eat some veggies and some protein. It made us feel like we were being a little healthy.

A review of the carnage showed that the simpler doughnuts with glaze were the most popular overall.

Overall, it was a fun activity and you didn't feel badly if you didn't like something since we all just cut off small pieces for tasting purposes. I didn't find anything that made me think "this is a new favorite," though. I'm still pretty much of the belief that the doughnut is just there to support the frosting.

And, the Jimmies! Jimmies for everyone!


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