My New Retirement Savings Plan

I've discovered a way to double my money. It's so easy peasy, I can't lose. Which I'm pretty excited about because I keep looking at my 401K and think it's never going to be enough to keep me in the lifestyle I would like to be accustomed to.

Here's how it works.

I start with a pocket full of singles. Then, I make bets with Crime Dog, dollar against dollar. Sometimes, he picks the bet, sometimes I do.

For example, if were bowling, CD would bet that Goat would pick up his spare. I would take the action. There is always an option to decline for bets like Dave Seaholm would pick up his spare. He's a bowling machine, that would be foolish money.

You gotta start investing with something, a buck is good of an amount as any.
After a short while, I would have two pockets full of singles. So many that I miss making some bets because I can't sort out a dollar fast enough.

There's only one, slight flaw to my plan. CD needs to be good for his IOUs.

There were more bills off to the right, for the official record.
Oh, and maybe one more flaw. CD needs to have saved enough to keep me in the style to which I would like to be accustomed to.

Man, I hope he wins the lottery.


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