Jurassic Memories

I just purchased tickets for Steven and me to see Jurassic World on Saturday at the Cine Capri. That's our local theater with the super big screen and sound system and where we like to see all of our premiers. It's fantastic.

It made me think back to when we saw Jurassic Park. Holy cow, that was in 1993 and Steven was only, well, he was younger. Nearly a baby. OK, a little older than a baby but I'm trying not to do the math.

For some reason, my Dad and Mom wanted to see the movie, too. I really can't imagine why because my Dad is not a movie goer at all. I think it was probably because it was a family outing and he's all about those.

Steven and I ditched them in the theater, though. My parents sat towards the back and we got up close and in the middle to be overwhelmed by the action.

I can't look in a side mirror with this saying without picturing the dinosaur.
What action it was! The movie had everything a fanboy/girl could want. Truly scary and realistic looking monsters. Corporate greed ("The Man") run amok. Socially awkward hero, too cool for words scientist, hilarious wannabe villain and a female lead who was just as tough as the guys. Oh, and some cute kids. Not to mentions things, people included, getting torn limb from limb.

Yep, it had everything.

And, 22 years later, it has a few repeating elements. Me, my kid and a movie.

Good times, good times.


Cheri Robertson said…
My daughter wanted to see the movie, Vanessa was 8 years old. She never flinched, on the other hand, the poor man next to me had a bloody left arm after I was done with him.
Cheesehead said…
Wait, you can't mean this Vanessa...http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076869/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

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