The Most Interesting Parrot In The World

Phred Parrot, club mascot, bird of the world.

I don't want to say that Phred Parrot gets around but, damn, that bird gets around and gets remembered!

On my last trip to Des Moines, Phred was my companion and we headed to the bar for breakfast beers after we got through security. (He was smuggled through security in my backpack. I'm not paying for his own plane ticket.)

As I got him set up for a picture, the bartender said, "Hey, I know him. That's Phred with a P H."

Yep, it really happened.

Turns out that Gretchen the bartender remembered Phred from a previous visit to the bar while he was on his way to "somewhere beachy". That doesn't really narrow it done for his travels so I described some of the humans he'd been with lately but she only remembered him.

Turns out the trip was with Goat and Queen as they visited Hawaii. 

Gretchen also said that she'd tried to find him on FB so I told her to try again under "Phred Parrot". They are now FB buddies. 

Phred's got a lof of FB friends. 173 at the moment which is more than a lot of humans I know. He's just  a social kinda guy, er, bird. As he continues to travel, I'm sure he'll get even more friends because he's a total camera hog and people love to be able to tag friends in photos.

Well, maybe I'm the only one who loves to tag friends in photos. Because, whatever happens in real life does end up on Facebook.


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