Those Were The Days

Maybe not the best days, but memorable.

I had the 70s on 7 on Sirius on my radio this morning and the first song I heard was One Bad Apple. Do you remember that Osmond Brothers hit? Apparently, I'm the only one that I know who does.

Granted, it was a hit before my time (released in 1970 and I was clearly not into pop music then) but I was still a fan. But behind the times because when I got this lunch box in the Fifth Grade, I was seriously ridiculed.

I thought I was styling

Regardless of my childhood trauma, hearing the song today convinced me it was going to be a great day. And, it was. Right up until about 3 PM but that's another story.

For those who can't remember the song, or have no idea what it even is, here's a YouTube:

Those outfits, those dance moves!


mariag said…
While I also was not into pop music in 1970 at 2 years old, I totally remember the song. In fact, before I even played the YouTube video, I was singing the hook! I didn't remember it was the Osmond Brothers, however.

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