Movie Review - The Avengers

Steven and I caught The Avengers on Saturday morning. As long as I didn't think too much about the plot, it was fantastic. Lots of action and lots of humor. You could see Joss Whedon's fingerprints all over it.

If you don't know who Joss Whedon is I probably don't want to be your friend. He's the guy behind Buffy, Angel and Firefly and I think he's brilliant. And aggravating. I still haven't forgiven him for killing Wash in Serenity. It does make watching his stuff interesting because he will off very popular characters.

Back to the movie, I really enjoyed Black Widow in this one. She hardly did anything in the last Iron Man movie except dress up like a secretary, pout and toss her hair about while fighting. Seriously, why didn't any of those bad guys just grab on to that mane and yank it? In this movie, she gets lots of screen time (almost as much as Iron Man and Captain America) and shows her brains as well as her fighting skills. Oh, and her hair was short.

However, my favorite role turned out to be Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Really well done job as the scientist trying not to get angry. Bitter, wry and clearly tortured. Very nice acting. Also, Hulk had the two funniest bits of the film.

I wish Hawkeye would have had more screen time but only because Jeremy Renner is so easy on the eyes. Same with Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Overall, Whedon did a good job of giving all of the characters some significant screen time.

And, now here's where I complain bitterly. Not about the movie but about the people who brought their small children to the show. I get it, I was there on a Saturday morning so I should expect some kids.

But, if your toddler gets fractious during the show, it's not going to make anyone happier that you just keep shushing the kid. That just makes for two distractions.


I'm not confrontational so I didn't say anything. Steven pointedly looked back at the lady several times. If she didn't get the hint from that, she probably wouldn't have reacted well to someone asking her to leave the theater until her child calmed down.

End of complaining. Despite the noisy neighbors, it was a fun time and I would actually be willing to see it again. That's rare praise from me since my free time is both scarce and precious.


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