So Pretty!

Disclaimer:  this is not a paid endorsement for lia sophia jewelry.

Another Disclaimer:  I would happily be paid to endorse lia sophia jewelry since I sing its praises to everyone. Seriously, I've earned some dough for them.

I love jewelry. From the fancy to the simply elegant, I feel better and prettier when I'm wearing it. But, there are some pieces that I really, really, really love and I catch myself staring at them throughout the day because of my adoration.

Today, I'm wearing a new necklace.

Flower Pot Necklace
The picture doesn't do it justice. It's very bright and summery and very sparkly. A co-worker and I flew by each other in the hall and she called out, "That's a pretty necklace." I beamed.

I'm also wearing a new ring.

Forget Me Not
I love it! It's very sparkly and there's a touch of white enamel on two of the flowers that add just the right touch of color.

The good thing about hosting a party is that you get a lot of product at a screaming deal. The bad news about hosting a party is that everyone's stuff gets delivered to you and you separate it out. Of course, that means you have to look at every item so your wish list gets bigger and bigger.


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