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We had a pizza party today in honor of an employee who's leaving. It's an IT tradition going back to even before my time. IT people love to eat and we get Red Devil which is awesome pizza. We are so committed to it that we once had someone leave abruptly after giving notice and we still had the party after he was actually gone.

As is often the case, the conversation turned to geek and nerd stuff. Today's topic was TV Sci-Fi. A group of us started debating our favorite Star Trek series. The majority went with The Next Generation.  I'll always go with TNG because Jean Luc Picard kicks ass and I have a permanent crush on Patrick Stewart. Surprisingly, considering our nerd level, many of us bailed on several of the other series before they were over.

TNG Was The Best of Star Trek
We also talked about Babylon 5. That was a groundbreaking sci-fi series with its five year story arc. No one had really done it like that before. I don't think I got past season two but I wouldn't mind watching it again as I think I would appreciate it. I just don't have the time.

I'd Forgotten Who All Was On This Show
As some of us were chatting on side of the room, I heard our new guy say the ultimate magic words, "Time Lord". It's amazing what you can pick out of several conversations going on at once. I didn't watch back in the early days of Dr. Who but since the BBC restarted the series with the Ninth Doctor, I've been all over it. I love this series and I do plan on catching up on the old shows. Although, I don't know when I would find the time. I think I need to break a leg and use a lot of sick time from work.

The. Best. Ever.
I follow several Dr. Who pages on Facebook and I keep finding things that I want to buy. It's probably possible to redecorate your entire home in Who stuff. If I had the money, I would be tempted to do just that.

In case I ever change my mind about getting married (and find someone willing to marry me), I've got the ring and the cake picked out.

So Pretty!
How Fun Is This?
I'm going to be very sad when the series is over.

Yep, I'm a geek.


Nick Zielinski said…
That's the best thing about Dr Who. The series really never died... the whole point of regeneration is to switch out actors. However, I wish they would keep doctors and companions longer than 1 or 2 series. Baker was a doctor for 7 years... in which the new series has had four.
Cheesehead said…
I agree on the longer Doctor terms. I could happily go 4 or 5 years with each of them.

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