Hoisted With My Own Petard

We were engaged in our monthly Trivia competition at the Elks on Wednesday and the questions were, well, fairly dated. I was the one carrying up our answers and had to offer a comment on many of them. Mostly to defend our lack of the correct answer.

One of the questions was, "What were the names of the original members of the Supremes?"

OK, we had Diana Ross right away. Dave said Mary Wells and then, well, we drew a complete blank. I suggested throwing out common names from the 60s to see if any of them triggered a response. No dice.

When I turned in our answer, the folks running the show said, "You got that one for sure, right?" I think that since we're Parrot Heads, they assume we know all music. My response was, "That was a little before my time."

That's when my own logic was thrown back at me.

"Well, Bach and Beethoven were before my time and I know them," is what the woman reading the questions said.

Damn, that hurt.

I conceded immediately, "You're absolutely correct, that's not a valid excuse." Then I laughed at myself while at the same time I was disappointed in myself.

For the record, the answer was Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. Fortunately, they accepted just the first name so we got 4 points out of 6 possible.

Oh, and we won the game. By one point against our nemesis team, Guys and Dolls. They sit next to us and we trash talk during the entire game.

Well, I trash talk, anyway.


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