The Great Cake Debate

There are two subjects guaranteed to start a conversation in our department. Nerd culture and food. Yes, we are the stereotypical IT group.

Yesterday, there was a representative from Costco onsite trying to sell memberships. They come periodically and always bring a Costco sheet cake. If you've never had a Costco cake, they are bomb diggity!

One my way out to lunch, I walked by the conference room where the cake was sitting there in all of its fat and sugar laden glory. The rep tried to entice me in but I stood firm. Yay, me!

When I came back from lunch, the rep was gone and the cake was in our lunchroom. I told myself, if there's a corner left, I'll have it. Otherwise, I'll pass. Damn, there were two corners left. Boo, me! But, I only took one so maybe a little Yay, me is still applicable.

We had this cake but without wishing Noah well.

My desk is at the far end of the aisle and it was like my team members could smell the cake. They prairie dogged up out of their cubes, one after another. Then, it was a near mass exodus to get pieces of their own. A small child might have gotten trampled in the rush.

As we were mawing down, I shared my well established belief that the cake itself only exists as a base for the frosting. And, that the only frosting worth eating is buttercream. None of that sissy whip creamed frosting for this girl.

Another co-worker chimed in and disagreed. He's a full cake man. And, an ice cream cake man so we then moved on to debating the merits of Dairy Queen versus Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes. I stood on the side of just ice cream and frosting, he was firmly in the "you have to have cake in the middle" camp. We had half of the department weighing in on the subject.

It was almost like Israel and Palestine. "You're wrong!" "No, you're wrong!" Too bad Henry Kissinger was off having his 90th birthday party because we could have used his diplomacy.

For the record, I only ate the frosting and threw the cake part out.


Stan said…
That's funny! I only eat the cake and throw out the frosting!
BTW, I go for the fillet pieces, you can have the cake bones!

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