Phred's Wardrobe Malfunction

Phred Parrot spent a little time at a Houston spa (also known as Susan's house) after we got back from Belize. He got re-stuffed, blinged up and came home with a new wardrobe. He looked mighty spiffy, in fact!

Susan's a Birder and one of the additions to Phred's look was a pink feather. I couldn't tell you for the life of me what kind of bird it came from but I think it was from Belize. The main point is that it was important to Susan to put it on him.

While we were frolicking in Rocky Point over Memorial Day Weekend, I noticed something that made my heart skip a beat.

Something's not quite right...

The feather was missing!

My first thought was, "Please let someone else be responsible for the loss." So, I went through a bunch of pictures from the weekend before hoping that it was lost on Charlie and Vicki's watch. (I admit, not one of my finer moments.) The feather was there in most of them but there were some iffy pictures towards the end so I was hopeful.

Then, I looked at this picture of him at the Elk's on the Wednesday before Memorial Day when he came back under my control.


I started composing my "Dear Susan" note and dreading telling her the special feather was in the wind.

But, then we got in the car to come home on Monday and, miracle of miracles, Phred's feather was on the floor of the passenger side front seat!


Shitload of hot glue on it, now.
I glued the feather back on and not nearly as artfully as Susan had. But, I think it's good to go for a while. 

We just can't leave him in a hot car anymore. I suspect that's why it came off in the first place. I left him in my car from Wednesday until we left on Friday because I was afraid I would forget him at home and not take him to Mexico.

And, fortunately for Phred's wellbeing and my mental state, he's back with Goat and Queen so I can't do any more damage.


Susan Gayle said…
Wow! You would never have admitted that if you didn't find the feather! It is from a Rosette Spoonbill.

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