I Want Candy

I was listening to the 60s on 6 when I saw the song name I Want Candy by a group called The Strangeloves. It made me think of Bow Wow Wow's version right away just by the name. Then, the song started and it was THE SAME SONG!

How did I not know that the Bow Wow Wow's version was a cover?

I can't even use the excuse that the original came out in 1965 so I couldn't possibly remember it because I hate when people parade their younger age like a badge of ignorance honor when it comes to cultural or world events.

"I wasn't born in 1977 so I've never seen the original Star Wars (and I think it's unreasonable of you to expect me to have seen it or know anything about it)."

Yeah, well I wasn't born when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan but I know about it. Now, you kids get off of my lawn!

The tune was actually covered several times. And, for another trivia tidbit, was written by the same guys who wrote My Boyfriend's Back.

Here's the original:

Is it just me or does the one dude look like Howard Wolowitz with a beard?

Here's the only version that I apparently know, also for your listening and viewing pleasure:

I remember thinking how rad Annabella Lwin was with her mohawk.


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