I Need More Nerds!

I think it's ironic that I posted this rant recently on my blog and referenced Star Wars and you'll agree with me when you hear the story.

We were having our bi-weekly IT meeting and one of the guys pulled a chair over the tile. He was trying to be obnoxious and draw it out slowly because it's really loud.

Yeah, pretty much like that.

So, I said, "It sounds like a wookie."

And, someone asked.

"What's a wookie?"

Oh, no, she didn't! We all looked at her in dumbfounded shock then I held up my hand and said, "I can't talk to you any more."

Seriously? I don't care that you're a whippersnapper, how do you not know what a wookie is? Chewie is part of our damn culture! The fact that you work in IT makes it even more shameful.


It's really the IT part that's most disappointing. I get in when I have to explain to my Parrot Head friends about Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and Battlestar Galactica but, come on, IT people should know this stuff. Even if it's by osmosis because we're surrounded by nerd culture all the time.

Later in the meeting, I told them I saw this car in the parking lot:

I Wish I Had That Plate!
The boss, who is not at all a scifi/fantasy nerd at least knew enough to ask, "That's a Doctor Who reference, right?" You can tell the osmosis is working on him.

Later that day, I was sending an email about our internal departmental challenge where we're going to bowl against the Sales team. I was comparing our top player to theirs and said "I wish we had a Hulk".

I then thought about it and decided the non-nerds had no shot of understanding that reference. So, I sent them this link:

I felt like it was a public service to inform them.

I then also felt like I have to watch this movie again.


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