I Blame Al Gore

Ya know, it used to be that I recorded everything on my DVR then watched my shows at my leisure.

No more.

I have too many programs that I now feel compelled to watch the same night they air.

That compulsion is all due to the internet.

It's impossible to avoid spoilers for shows like Game Of Thrones, Mad Men and Doctor Who unless I stay completely off the web which is just not within my makeup to do. But, that's not the only reason I have to watch.

There are a bunch of ongoing commentaries and reviews of shows and I have to read every one of them. Right away. AV Club, Huffington Post, Vulture, Grantland, HitFix...I scour them for their recaps, interviews and gifs from the shows.

I must know every little thing about every character
But, it doesn't stop there. I then read the recap of the recaps. And, the recap of the best comments on the recaps.

There's still more to Bob Benson, I just know it
It's crazy obsessive but I'm not alone. At one point this week after the Mad Men season finale, seven out of the top nine most viewed articles on Vulture were about Mad Men.

I would have been sad to miss a gem like this!

I'm actually a little happy that we're in the summer lull so I don't have to stay up late every night watching TV.

And, yes, at some level I recognize how sad that is.


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