First World Travel Problems - Part Four

While in Frankfurt, my companion and I decided to take a city bus tour. When we bought the tickets, I asked if they did the tour in English as well as German and was told they did. Sweet.

It was one of those double deckers with an open top. We got on and climbed to the top level and situated ourselves. I looked in front of me and saw this:

Ten Languages!
The only problem was that there were no headphones in sight. I had my own pair so I plugged in and I told my companion, "They must come around and hand them out." The bus then started filling up and a couple sat in front of us. The man looked at the language selection then looked for the non-existent headphones then went down the stairs. My companion started to follow, thinking the guy knew where headphones were but before he got to the stairs, the man came up and sort of shrugged at his wife and sat down.

We took that to mean there were no more headphones to be found.

We tried to share an earbud apiece but between the noise of the bus and the German broadcast over the speakers, it was too hard. So, I listened on the go around then suggested we go one more time so my companion could use the earphones and listen to the tour. I had tried to give him the key points as we were driving around the first time but I knew I hadn't done a super job of it.

They directed us to another bus that was taking off right away and we sat downstairs since we'd had the top view already. My companion plugged in with my headphones and, since I was just hanging out and not paying attention, I checked out the bus.

Where I saw:

That's like a hundred set of headphones right there.
Yep, right at the front of the bus and where we walked by to go upstairs, there was a huge bin of headphones. What we think happened to the other guy was that he went down and asked in German about them and they said, "Eh, don't worry because we put it out over the speakers in German."


The other reason I wanted to go around a second time was to get off at the Sachsenhausen area which is allegedly famous for its Apple Wine. Like, really famous. 

There's some not so fine print on the tour pamphlet that says the route may be altered at any time. Sure enough, the second time through, the drive completely missed Sachsenhausen. We suspect it was because traffic was heavy and she was running behind schedule.

So, we rode around a second time when we didn't need to and also then had to hoof it back to the area we wanted to visit. By the time we got there, my companion was not at all interested in trying to find Apple Wine and more interested in getting back to the hotel and getting off of his feet. 

No Apple Wine for the Princess that night!


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