New Kittehs!

Some of you may remember how I got George. I had been thinking about getting a cat but hadn't made any real effort. A friend of mine said that the stray cat she'd taken in had kittens and she was looking for homes for them. I waited a while wondering whether I was ready for the commitment then cast my fates to the wind with a "Do you have a girl left, because, if so, I'll take her?" message. She did and I ended up with the most interesting demon cat in the world.

On Tuesday, my friend Rhonda posted this message and picture on Facebook.

And this is how my earthday started. 5 tiny kittens, hoping to find and trap the moma cat. They are just starting to open their eyes. Mike named the grey one Ernest
I liked her post then tried to put it out of my mind. But, then she called me out directlyKathy Pfister, ready for a new kitten the end of may?

I tried a little deflection saying I wanted two girls and that I had to wait until the end of June because of work travel. That's when Chuck, Rhonda's husband, chimed in and said two of the black kittens were girls and that they would keep them for me until I got back from my long Germany trip.

That left me no excuses so Steven will be getting two new sisters.

I have to confess that they look a little like rats at this point (to me.)
The best guess is that they're between 10 and 14 days old.
I said I have names picked out. Samwise and Starbuck. This is where Tkay started chiming in.

Tkay: ...but aren't they girls?
Me:  Tkay, have you met me? Besides, Starbuck was a girl (albeit a kick-ass one) in the new BSG.
Tkay:  LOL, and forgive me, but what is BSG?
Me:  I don't see how we are friends. ;) Battle Star Galactica.
Tkay:  I watched the old one!
Me:  You should watch the new one. It's brilliant.

Some of my friends just are not as cool as I am. :D

Rhonda got the names right away and realized that the Starbuck name needed to go to the most active one. Right now, one of them has some white hair on her paws but otherwise they look pretty much the same. I suspect I might have to get different collars to tell them apart.

Barely open eyes.
Steven's excited and is even going on a road trip with me to visit the babies.

I'm pretty excited, too. I've hated my empty house. Although, I'm sure I'll be complaining about the black hair on my white couch, comforter and dining room chairs, it will be worth it to have kitteh loving again.


Janine Williams said…
I'm so hppy those kitties picked you! THey will be some lucky babies
Love the names!
Cheesehead said…
Thanks, Janine!

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