"Hangs head in shame..."

I was out with a group from work last night and one person asked the question, "What's your guilty TV pleasure that you're embarrassed to tell people you watch?"

Some answers were The Hills and Maury Povich. I get those as being good answers to the question.

When it came time for me to answer, I didn't have one. Not only do I think I watch good TV shows and quickly jettison the bad ones, I tell everyone about what I watch so there's nothing I need to keep secret. I think it helps that the only "reality" TV I watch is cooking shows.

However, I started thinking about channel surfing and coming across movies that I've seen many, many times but I find I can't move the clicker off of them. Some of them are great movies like Die Hard, Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and The Princess Bride.

Others, however, are not great movies. They are, in fact, really bad movies. But, something in me keeps me on the channel.

The worst one that comes to mind:

Remember this one?
That's a pic of the main characters from 1995's Mortal Kombat. A movie based on a video game that was just, well, stupid. The movie, that is, I can't judge the game because I didn't really play it and I'm not in to hack and kill games anyway. Give me something like Tetris and I'm happy.

OK, I got a little off point there so back to the movie. Christopher Lambert was trying to extend his Highlander scifi-fantasy career by playing the mystical know-it-all with bad hair. I think even he recognized how bad this was because he didn't appear in the sequel. Or, maybe he just asked for a boatload of money to make up for the career damage and they settled on James Remar.

Yes, they made a sequel in 1997. And I watched it. And it's even worse than the original and I feel no compulsion to ever see it again.

But, I really can't tell you why the first Mortal Kombat movie sucks me in EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

It is embarrassing and I mentally kick myself for spending time that I can never get back. And, I still watch it to the end.


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