First World Travel Problems - Part Two

Once I figured out how to get the power on in my room (FYI, I forgot several times and tried to turn on switches without putting the key in the contraption at both hotels we stayed at), I took a quick shower and proceeded to try to dry my hair.

Did you catch the "try" part?

I tried the hotel supplied dryer. Its maximum effort was little better than blowing air through your mouth. In addition, it also turned itself off after 10 seconds of use then refused to turn back on until a few minutes had passed.

So, I got out my own dryer and plugged it in using the same adaptor that I used in Reinbek on our last Germany trip.

Instead of a gentle breeze, I got haboob level winds at a temperature near molten lava. For about 10 seconds then it turned off.

Well, it didn't exactly turn off, I blew it up. Because that specific adaptor didn't convert wattage. Did I mention I used it in Reinbek with no issues?


I went back to using the hotel dryer and managed to get my bangs done with only one or two shutdowns. I relegated the rest of my mop to air drying which meant that I had poodle hair going on for the next several days.

After relaying the story to my traveling companion, he told me that he'd tried to defog his mirror post-shower and the hair dryer in his room shut down, too. At least, it wasn't something I was doing wrong like needed to put the hotel key in to the dryer to keep it going.

Our third traveling companion showed up the next day and I told him the tale. He said, "You're the only one who knows it because that's how your hair always looks."

Really? REALLY?!?!

Why do I bother drying and curling my hair every day if no one can tell the difference? That's a rhetorical question, BTW.

I checked my hair dryer every day to see if maybe it had resurrected itself. Nope, really dead. So, I left in the garbage can and tried to celebrate the idea that I gained some luggage room in my duffel bag.

We checked in to the hotel in Hamburg and I didn't see a hair dryer in the wash room. The desk attendant told me it was in a drawer under the sink. Whew! I was picturing having to buy a travel dryer that I would then have to carry an adaptor with unless I was in Germany.

The new hotel dryer worked fine. As long as I kept holding the power button down the entire time otherwise, it shut off.

Sometimes, bald sounds like a good hairdo.


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