First World Travel Problems - Part Three

I had researched the heck out of Frankfurt for tours and activities and my companion and I decided on taking a city bus tour. Everything I saw online said the tour ticket office was next to Paul's Church (Paulskirche).

We asked the desk clerk at the hotel how to get to Paul's Church and she had no idea. In fact, she looked like she had never heard of it. They did have a big tourist map at the front desk and I was able to find it so she told us it was a 15 minute walk. My companion had already figured it was 1.2 miles away so more than 15 minutes for old, fat, Americans. I persuaded him to walk with promises to stop along the way for beers. Well, beers for me and Coke Zeros for him.

After stopping twice, we finally made it to the area on the map where Pau's Church was supposed to be. The only problem was, there were about seven churches that we found but none of them were Paul's.

He said, "I read online that it had a copper dome so look for that."

I replied, "I saw a copper dome while we were crossing the bridge so it must be close."

Alas, we couldn't find it. We decided that our story was, "Yeah, we found it and it was cool." to make up for our lack of geographical skills.

We did, however, find the place to buy our tickets for the bus tour so we managed to do that. Since the tour wasn't leaving for close to an hour, we decided to have another drink at an outside cafe in the square.

A few minutes after we sat down, he looked around behind me and saw...

Cooper dome, church like building...
We must have walked around this stupid building at least five times without seeing it. Seriously, how could that huge thing have been out of sight for so long?


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