Continued Destruction

Samwise and Starbuck have an unhealthy attraction to my iPhone charger. I keep it by my bed to charge at night and I think they spend all day while I'm away chewing on the metal end that goes into the phone. They chew it until it no longer works.

I think we were on cord number three. Could be four.

Thinking I was smart, I started opening the top drawer in my nightstand and putting the top of the cord in there when it wasn't plugged in. Apparently, that wasn't the best idea as this is what my cord looked like when I tried to charge the phone on Thursday night.

Yep, closing the drawer on the cord eventually broke through to the wire. Dammit.

I headed to the store on Friday to get a replacement. I bought two. I have a feeling I'll need them both.

What's especially maddening is that I also have the cord to charge my Kindle there, too. They've completed ignored it.

Maybe they're just Apple haters?


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