Lobster? I Hardly Knew Her!

Everyone's pictures and descriptions of their fancy Valentine's Day meals this weekend made me think about the last lobster dinner I attended. It was a team celebration dinner for one of our Germany projects and our CEO and his wife, Curt and Beth, hosted it at their home. In addition to key team members, the entire Senior Management staff was in attendance.

They are the most gracious of hosts and sincerely welcome everyone in to their home. Even when we just invite ourselves which we some times do.

The theme was Lobster (why, I don't know but maybe just because they were in season and it was a special event) and the table was decorated with an ocean theme. Beth had found plastic plates that looked like paper but had lobsters on them. Super cute! And, reusable.

What I didn't know until we got there was the they had flown in live lobsters for dinner. Ugh. They completely creep me out. I'm not all that excited by the taste (might as well just slurp melted butter) and the effort to get the meat out of shell is too much for this lazy soul.

Curt was handing the banded lobsters out so everyone could hold one for a team picture (while they were alive!) and I did a fine job of deflecting. "Oh, no, let someone else have a chance to hold one." Unfortunately for me, he ended up with one left so he made me take it. Eek.

I haven't seen the picture but I'm sure I look completely uncomfortable as I tried to appear cool while desperately trying to ignore the big set of antennas waving around in front of my face. I could not put that thing back in the box fast enough!

One of my colleagues had no fear of the crustacean. He was all about "looking the food in the eye to show it who's the boss". What a weirdo. ;)

Curt headed out to the grill and the big water pot and proceeded to cook dinner for the gang. They have a great outdoor kitchen that is to die for. I wish the kitchen inside my house was half as nice.

Curt and Beth and a lot of lobster!
Fortunately, there was also a cow option for protein so I happily got a piece of steak. One of my colleagues, Mike, asked me if I was going to get any lobster at all and I told him to take an extra claw and then he could break it for me.

Mike and I sat next to each other at the table and were across from Curt. A little into the meal, I gave Mike the nonverbal signal and he took one of his claws, cracked it and put it on my plate. We have spent a lot of time on the road together, we have signals like that.

Curt (looking quizzical):  Mike, are you going to crack everyone's claws or just Kathy's?
Me:  Oh, Curt, you don't know this about me but I'm a Princess.
Everyone else in the room: Laughter. (The majority of them have seen the Princess in action so none of this was a surprise.)
Curt:  (Shaking his head and thinking I'm the weirdo. At least, that's what I think he thinks.)

What followed was a great conversation about food foibles and travel stories from all. It was a very enjoyable dinner and a delight to spend some relaxed time with the group. It almost made up for the stress of the project.


Oh, and my steak was delicious. The lobster claw was meh.


mackyton said…
Yeah I was impressed with your Valentine's Day meals. Thanks for the pictures. I also celebrated this Valentine’s Day with my fiancĂ© at one of the best Chicago venues. There were so many cuisines on the offer and everything tasted just great.

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