Twelve Albums

There's one those Facebook things going around. You're supposed to list 12 albums that have stayed with you, but only one per band/artist. Don't take too long and don't think too hard. No compilations.

You're also supposed to tag 10 people to do it after you. I don't tag people in these types of activities so I posted mine and told people to participate if they want to.

It wasn't easy. As soon as I was done, I thought of another 4 or 5 right away. 

I also wanted to explain my choices which would have made for a long Facebook post. But, a great blog post! So, here goes.

Rick Springfield - Working Class Dog - 1981
This was my immediate pick. An instinctive one, really. It has Jessie's Girl which is sorta "my" song but also so many others that I love. It's not at all uncommon for me to queue this up on my iPhone and listen to it all the way through. It's not quite as cool as listening to it on vinyl but it suffices. My Rick Springfield crush persists to this day. He played at the Arizona State Fair back in the 80s and the ticket office had a note card with "Springfield Sold Out" written in Sharpie on it. I asked them for it (the lady looked at me like I was crazy) and I still have it. In a box somewhere. #packrat #drnoahdrakeforever #hewasonbattlestargalacticatoo

The Who - Face Dances - 1981
I had this on vinyl and played it all the time. Just hearing the opening riffs of You Better You Bet brings back memories of the 80s and sitting in my bedroom with my headphones hooked up to my "sound system". Said system was a radio, cassette and turntable combo hooked up to two big speakers that still produced a tinny sound. It was cool, though, trust me.

Jimmy Buffett - White Sport Coat, Pink Crustacean - 1973
If I hadn't picked a Buffett album for this list, I think I would be drummed out of the Parrot Head organization. Fortunately, Buffett was an easy choice. Easy in putting him on the list, not as easy to pick a specific album. This album represents to me the most "classic" Buffett songs. The ones that have stood the test of time and the ones we all sing along to. I bought this on tape at a truck stop for $3.99.  I wore the tape out. I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all.

AC/DC - Back in Black - 1980
I included this because it was one of those albums that everyone knows. Well, everyone who is culturally aware. Test it out - play a random song from this for a colleague and I bet they'll know it. (Pick a colleague over 30 - those kids don't know crap about "old" music. I blame their parents.) We thought AC/DC was so out there at the time but they seem tame now.

Barenaked Ladies - Gordon - 1992
It's amazing that this is a debut album. It's just so dang good. I still put it on to this day and play it through start to end and sing every song. Hopefully, for others, I'm alone at the time. My friends and I went on a cruise with Barenaked Ladies (post Steven Page leaving) and it was fantastic. They were fun, gracious and grateful, and played everything! So grateful myself that I got the chance to do that.

Billy Joel - The Stranger - 1977
There is not a mediocre song on this album. They're all fantastic. Well written and sung and everyone knows the words. I remember in high school that all the cool kids saw Joel every time he performed but I didn't see him until years later on the first tour he did with Elton John. I would see them together again in a heartbeat.

Elvis Costello - My Aim is True - 1977
Back in the day, one of our local radio shows started their Monday morning with Welcome to the Working Week. It was so long ago, I don't remember the DJ or the station but, despite the ungodly early hour, I heard it every time as my first job out of college started at 6 AM. Ugh. So glad those days are behind me. I love Costello's writing and his delivery. Red Shoes, Alison, Watching the Detectives...all brilliant! And, all songs I will never tire of listening to.

Men At Work - Cargo - 1983
Remember when we discovered Australia? It was the coolest and we couldn't get enough. My friends and I even spent hours watching Australian Rules Football. My friend Andy was the one who got there as he went on a graduation trip. I debated between this album and Cargo for my list and I'm not sure I picked the right one. Both had great songs that I still enjoy hearing. It's a Mistake, Overkill and Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive are my faves on this one. Colin Hay is still touring and comes to Phoenix fairly often. I really need to go see him. I thought he was too cool for words back then, even with his wonky eye.

Bee Gees - Main Course - 1975
I'd like to think we were ahead of the curve with the Bee Gees and listened to them before Saturday Night Fever but it's doubtful considering we were babies when the movie came out. I do distinctly remember listening to many of their albums from before that time at my friend Scott's house. I "think" some of the albums actually belonged to his older sister. To this day, I feel compelled to sing along to Nights on Broadway despite the fact that I can successfully sing neither the low nor the high parts. 

Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience - 1992
Gin Blossoms are a local Phoenix band who made it big. For a while, anyway. We saw them at Long Wong's on Mill Avenue at what was one of their last free bar shows. It was during the Olympics (1992?) and Robin asked if anyone knew the TV schedule. I had one in my pocket so I was able to answer his question. I felt so cool. My favorite songs on here are Cheatin' and the ever popular Hey Jealousy. And, Found Out About You. And, Allison Road. OK, I pretty much love everything on the album. And, I still harbor a crush for Jesse Valenzuela. 

KD Lang - Shadowland - 1988
KD Lang has one of the most incredible voices I've ever heard. She's just as good live as she is on her recordings. I saw her at the Celebrity Theater here in Phoenix shortly after this album came out. Longest line for the women's restroom at any event I've ever seen. It was a fantastic show.
Lyle Lovett - Pontiac - 1987
I love Lyle. I love watching Lyle perform live. He's funny, self deprecating, immensely talented and funny. It's worth mentioning funny twice. If I Had A Boat is one of my favorite songs ever but there are so many other great ones on this album. She's Hot to Go and She's No Lady are both worth listening to over and over. On a personal, stalker, note, I remember my very first reaction to the news that he married Julia Roberts. "She's not worthy." I was right.

It says something that the newest albums on this list were released in 1992. That I'm old is one thing. That I strictly adhered to the "stayed with you" criteria and therefore eliminated anything "relatively" new is how I'm choosing to interpret it, though. Oh, and I can use the "album" criteria, too. Yeah, it's not that I'm old at all.


Work with me on that.


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