Marathon Playlist

A friend of mine told the story of putting together his playlist while running in one of the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon events and it reminded me that I've never told this tale here before. I've told it plenty in person to a lot of people, though. Because, grrr.

Side note, it was my friend's first ever blog post so I'm proud of him for racing and proud of him for taking on a new creative endeavor.

The Arizona Parrot Head Club worked a water station for the race here in Phoenix for many, many years. We'd bring out our sound system, dress up in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and cheer the athletes on. We were the best and we got the awards to prove it. Yay, us!

One year, the person who usually did the DJ work wasn't able to make it. I got a request from the Event Chair the night before to bring my tunes. I looked at my standard Buffett playlist and realized there are a lot of slow songs on there and a lot of songs the majority of the athletes coming past our station wouldn't know. So, I decided to create a list just for the Marathon of not just JB but other fun songs.

I stayed up until 11:30 PM creating, pruning and generally fine tuning. Considering I had to get up again at 4 AM this was probably not one of my wisest moves.

Our crew started rolling in bright and early and one of the first things set up was the PA equipment so we could listen to tunes while we did the rest of the work. I plugged in the tunes, put the list on Shuffle and away we went to fill water cups.

All was going well with setup when I suddenly realized that the song being played wasn't on my playlist. I hightailed it back to the system and found my device rejected, sitting sadly on the table and another club member had hooked up his PC and was live DJing.

Do you have enough Jimmy and the Parrots on there?
Turns out, one of the guys had asked him to bring his music to play and I was sidelined without even a Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma'am.

The nerve.

I didn't insist on going back to my list but I'm pretty sure he knew I was not a happy camper. Because I am me. But, in the overall scheme of life it wasn't a battle worth fighting.

However, I did make many comments throughout the day. Some of them were "That was on my list, too." and "I have the Jimmy and the Parrots version of that on my list and it's better." It was in good fun with a splash of bitter as we debated the value of a preset list versus a build your own while you go.

We were still the best water station on the course so we had that going for us.


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