It Was This Close

We went out to one of the Humane Society facilities today. The Arizona Parrot Head Club sponsored a tree in honor of one of our club members, Craig Broadhurst, who passed away last year. It was a nice gathering and a fine way to acknowledge how much Craig is missed.

Afterwards, we wandered through the kitty section. I was trying not to pay too much attention to the cats because I've been thinking about getting one for a while now. And, when I say I've been thinking, I've really been thinking. I just wasn't thinking about getting one today.

However, I saw a female Maine Coon that intrigued me. That's the breed I want because they tend to talk a lot, they're trainable and very smart and they're quite dog-like in their behavior.

So, I had them bring her into one of the meeting rooms and, well, she wasn't in to me at all. Her history said she was a stray and her entire focus was on bolting from the room. She did talk and let me pet her but her fixation on escape stopped me from bringing her home. All I could picture was her scooting out of my front door and never coming back.

The O'Malley Babes looked at two cats but it just didn't click with either of them. However, I have a feeling that a kitty is in all of our futures soon.

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