Key West - The Music (and the Musicians!)

One of the great things about Meeting Of The Minds is that, for one week, Key West has lots and lots of our favorite musicians for us to enjoy. I never get to see everyone; there just isn't enough time. But, I did get to see and talk to a lot of my favorite music types.

I only saw Kelly McGuire in a mini-mart but we did get to chat and I got a big hug. He's still the best hugger out there. I saw Brent Burns several times (and kissed him more than once, but no tongue!). John Frinzi and I crossed paths several times while we were working but I managed to keep my cool around him (even though one time he looked like he just jumped out of the shower).

Our first night into Key West is always spent at Margaritaville with Boat Drunks. The place was absolutely packed by the time we got there so we were in the upstairs section which made for not so good picture taking. They were jamming and sounded great and we really enjoyed their show.
No trip to Key West is complete without seeing Pete & Wayne at Sloppy Joe's at least once. We went on Halloween and Wayne was dressed as a Parrot Head. It was a pretty good costume. Besides the loud Hawaiian shirt and the straw hat, he also had several lanyards and badges on him. He easily could have blended into our crowd.
We spent two nights at The Bull with Jim Asbell and The Tropiholics. How can I not love Lisa? She was wearing a tiara for Halloween and she let me play the Vibra-slap. On the second night we were there, we pretty much closed the place down and Todd told me that I played the Vibra-Slap perfectly that night. Considering he doesn't like it that much (and limits Lisa on the number of times she can play it each night), I thought that was high praise.
Brent Burns was in The Bull for the announcement of the entertainment lineup for the next Atlanta Parrot Head Cruise. He's going to be on it and so are Boat Drunks. I kinda wish I had signed up for it...
Tropical Soul played at the street festival as usual. They have a song with audience participation - we all lift up signs that say "Beer" and yell "Beer" at the same time. They're a fun band and I've enjoyed them every year. It wasn't quite the same without Mac McAnally, though.
New to the street festival lineup this year was Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24. They're out of the Keys and they were great. At one point, they brought out an outboard motor margarita machine and made drinks for the crowd. Of course, Dawnie and I were all over the free booze.
TC Mitchell and Greg "Fingers" Taylor played at the street festival, too. It was nice to see some former Coral Reefers, especially since we didn't have any current ones this year.
The Jonathan Birchfield Band closed out the afternoon. He's probably the best looking musician on the island. His band is another group of talented performers and they really seem to enjoy playing for us every year.
As we were roaming the streets of Key West, we decided to drop in on the Rum Barrel. They had Jimmy and the Parrots playing on the upstairs patio and we had fun listening to them and their guest performers.

The only band I really missed was The Mighty, Mighty Cocktones but, alas, they are no more. I did see Ron from the band but no Jim the drummer. He's probably never coming back to Key West for fear of my continued stalking. Sloppy Joe's had another rock cover band playing and we did pop in for a while. They even played Jessie's Girl but it wasn't the same...

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