Concert Review - Mulligan and Karwin

Karwin and Mulligan Having a Great Time.

(Photos courtesy of Pirate Rick)

Mark Mulligan and Bob Karwin put on a heck of a great show last night at Fiddler's Dream! There are some pretty funny trop-rock guys out there but I've yet to see the one who's funnier and as quick with the wit as Karwin. He was sharp as ever and he made Mark and the audience work to keep up with him.

Karwin's new CD, Have Sun, Will Travel, just came out so Mark declared the show to be Karwin's CD Release Party. He also declared that every song had to end with a cha-cha-cha. Not sure why he made it so but it was funny and interesting to see how they segued to it in some of the songs.

I actually got called out during the show. I think I may have even blushed.

Karwin was shilling his first CD when Mark said, "Just how much are those, Bob?"

Bob replied, "Since I touched this one, it's $75." He then wiped it across his brow to get a little sweat on it and said, "It's now $76."

72 Beer Mary and I both started bidding on it and Bob said, "Kathy, I've got you covered." and put the CD under his butt. (Thankfully not in his pants.) That got a lot of laughs because pretty much everyone knows how much I adore Bob. (I mean as much as you can adore a married man which is not that much...really, I swear.)

The bidding went down drastically at that point which made Bob say, "I've always wondered if you can have too much Bob Karwin and now we know you can." (I later bought the new CD for $15 but got sweat and a big hug thrown in for free.)

Mark did a new song for us that I really liked and Bob did several off the new CD. Two of them were especially good. The song Big Rudy is hilarious, especially with Bob's setup. He also recorded Mark's St. Anywhere. But, he didn't do it happy trop-rock style. It was slow and moody and I loved how he made it seem a completely different song.

Bob giving Mark the "Don't call me" sign.

I had a chance to chat with Mark's parents before the show and we talked about the Homeland. They both have ties to Marquette and his Dad told me a great beer story from his college days. John Mulligan was also in attendance but I didn't get to say much more than Hi.

After the gig, we headed to Aunt Chilada's for some drinks and food on the patio. The boys brought their guitars and Mark requested a tune from Bob just for me.

Yes, Bob Karwin can perform the entire song of Amie...unlike certain others that we know.

We clamoured for 8th Floor songs from Bob. That's what we were calling the tunes he played for us at Parrot Grande at our penthouse patio party. Actually, Unruly Julie yelled for them. Not sure that was actually her first alcohol of the night...

Mark was busy chatting and didn't pay too much attention when Bob started cranking out the naughty tunes. I was watching him when he suddenly realized exactly what Bob was singing and the shocked look on his face was priceless. His only comment was, "I'm glad my Mom's not here now."

It ended up being a pretty late evening for a school night but it was well worth it. I'm going to have to start working on Mark to schedule another gig with Bob...and maybe Kelly McGuire. Hmmm, lots to admire in that trio, if you know what I mean and if you're a girl, you do.

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