Wasted Away Again In Margaritaville

It's so cool having our own Margaritaville!

They did a VIP event last night that some of us got to go to. We heard about it on short notice or I would have done a lottery of all the local club members. Hopefully, we can do that next time.

And, I really hope there is a next time!

The shindig was from 7 – 10 and we got there a few minutes before 7. We checked in and they gave us nifty lanyards like the employees wear and keepsake (at least I'm keeping mine!) VIP badges. The lanyards have "Margaritaville" and "I love my job!" printed on them. I'm now using mine at work and it only took a few minutes before I got a comment about the loving the job part.

OK, picture this. They opened the doors for us to walk in. On both sides of the entrance, there were servers lined up with each holding a tray. The alternating contents of the trays were open bottles of Landshark Lager and Margaritas.

It was beautiful!

They had other folks roaming around with trays of snacks and had a sushi bar going upstairs. There were also waiters asking if you wanted anything from the bar. I thought I was in heaven.
They also had a pretty good band called The Walkens playing who are there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We did some dancing and enjoyed watching a young girl (prob 10) as she danced by herself and with Goat. Goat also danced with Chris who's one of the guys on stilts, with Tammy, with me and pretty much everyone there. He was in rare Goat form.

The Rocket Scientist doing a Pirate Rick pose, moi and The Jello Shot Queen.

I had a great time chatting with some of the club members I don't get to see a lot. Chris the stilts guy makes balloon hats and animals for the guests and he made me a lovely crown. It was perfect for the Princess. Not too gaudy but refined. (As refined as wearing balloons on your head can be.)

Crash modelling her hat that was better than mine.
I had a great time chatting with some of the club members I don't get to see a lot. Apparently, Chris offered to make Crash her own hat and her orders were, "I want it better than hers". She meant me. I don't know that I care for people trying to upstage the Princess but what are you going to do? I am glad I didn't have to wear her very cool hat because it was a bit unwieldy. She managed to hit me with it several times before the evening was over.
Apparently, I should have taken more advantage of the Margaritaville food folks instead of the bar folks because I was pretty toasted by 10 PM. It was one of those times where you don't realize how bad you are until you sit down for a while then stand up. Good thing I was using the Pirate Rick chauffeur service.

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