Key West - The Friends

I love my annual visits to Key West for Meeting of the Minds, the national Parrot Head convention. Being the social butterfly that I am, the best parts of the trips are spending time with old friends and making new ones.

We usually have a big group from Arizona and try to spend some quality time together.

There are a few folks that I just see at convention and we do the "good to see you" thing with each other. We really mean it, though. After all, we're in Key West with 3,000 Parrot Heads. What could be better than that?

I also have an ever expanding group of people that I've met in Key West and am honored to call them close friends.

Of course, there are a few people that I meet each year that I kinda hope I don't see again...but those are stories I won't tell here. (Buy me a cocktail or two and I might tell you, though.)

The Babes and I started our trip at Sky Harbor with our traditional airport beer. For those that don't know, the Babes and I go way high school, in fact.

Dawnie from Iowa and Rhett from Salt Lake City. I introduced these two last year in Key West.

New friends, Darrel (Red Shirt Guy) and Jim with me and Kathy O. Dawnie introduced us this year and we spent a lot of time together this week. I expect I'll be staying in contact with these two for a long time to come. They totally fit into our gang and were lots of fun.

Me and Dawnie enjoying a street fest Margarita. I met Dawnie at the convention a few years back. Our friendship has been going strong ever since and I've met lots of other great pals through Dawnie (and even went on a field trip to Iowa!).

One of my Arizona Parrot Head friends, Unruly Julie, was on good behavior at the street festival and even got a balloon hat from someone in the crowd.

Dave and Andi from Iowa. I met these kids through Dawnie. It was Andi's first time at convention and she was determined to stay sober enough to remember it all. I think she succeeded, too.

More new friends, Terri and Jimmy Pattavina. Jimmy is the President Elect of PHiP, our national organization. Terri's nickname is Princess so we bonded over that. Jimmy's cousin Barb is a member of our club and is a wonderful person.

Pirate Rick showing off his uncanny talent for sensing a camera and posing before the picture can be taken. Besides being a Parrot Head buddy, Rick hosts my boys' poker games where I've made even more friends.

Jim and Shelly, both from Minnesota but just met during convention. Some of us ran into Shelly at Phins to the West this year. It's a small Parrot Head world.
Catnip (the Parrot Head formerly known as Cheap Bastard), Crime Dog and Vivian. My Arizona buds spend a lot of time calling me throughout the week to see if I was free to join them. I wasn't often available but I really appreciated their efforts.

I can't wait for next year to expand my circle of friends!

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