My Nemesis

I just got back from my annual week long trip to Key West for the national Parrot Head convention.

I'm absolutely exhausted.

You might suspect it was from a lot of partying. Not true. While I did have a really good time, I was actually in bed earlier each night this year than last year.

No, there's another reason for my fatigue and it's evil.

It's this frakking rooster!

It's an old wive's tale that roosters start crowing with the dawn. They actually crow from 3 AM to 9 AM. Them's prime sleeping hours when you're on vacation!

I tried to have a reasonable conversation with this guy and asked him to pipe down until at least 6AM. OK, it was a one sided conversation but our eyes met so I thought we had an agreement. Turns out, we didn't and I think he even started earlier the next morning.

It's against the law to harm fowl in Key West but if we had "accidentally" run this guy over with our car, I don't think anyone would have charged us.

I need earplugs for next year.

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