Happy Fat Tuesday!

Our department has been celebrating Fat Tuesday since before I joined the company 10 years ago. We wear beads, listen to music, play games and eat King Cake.

There's always a baby in each cake and whomever gets one is responsible for buying a cake the next year. We've had people leave the company and still come back or send money to cover their cake obligation. However, this year no one could recall or would confess who got the babies in 2008. My buddy Dave and I finally decided to just buy them for the party.

The King Cakes are the real deal. We've been ordering them from New Orleans and having them shipped overnight. They are always really tasty. Last year, the company we'd been using decided to charge us $90 for overnight shipping.

$90!?!?!? For cakes that only cost $35 each?

We said no way to that and ordered the cakes from a local bakery. Mistake - they were terrible. More like a yeast bread and dry as can be.

This year, I found another bakery, Gambino's, in New Orleans that had some good ratings and only charged us $5ish to ship overnight. Sweet! The cakes hit my office before lunch and we prepped them up for the party.

One of my team is from Louisiana and she goes back for Mardi Gras each year. She's collected a ton of beads so she left them with us for our party. We called her on speaker phone while she was at a parade and she serenaded us. She was drinking 101 Octanes at the time.

It was quite tense as everyone ate their way through the cakes without a baby discovery. Finally, one of the guys bit down on a baby (and fortunately didn't break it or a tooth).

We were down to two people and one big piece of cake without the second baby appearing. One of our Help Desk guys came in and cut the smallest piece he could off the chunk. It didn't help him as the baby was in that tiny piece.

It was a good time and a fun break from the heavy work action we've had lately. And, just so we know for next year, I'm putting the event on our IT Calendar with the names of the guys who got the babies. That way, we'll all remember.

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