The Thirsty Parrot - The Place to Visit in Rocky Point

Cathi, Brent and Terry

Let me tell you about a great place for food and drink in Rocky Point. It's called The Thirsty Parrot and it's on the Malecon (near the statue). Terry and Cathi are two of the owners and they couldn't be nicer people. We'd been in there a few months back and the warm greetings we got this time made it feel like coming home.

The d├ęcor also makes it feel like home. Lots of beach stuff and tons of pictures of patrons, musicians and family on the walls. They even have a signed Jimmy Buffett poster.

This past weekend, they hosted Brent Burns for two shows. I'll have more on those shows later so back to The Thirsty Parrot. They had pretty cheap drinks, great food (the Crispy Shrimp is particularly good) and were so happy to have us there. A fact they mentioned several times.

They're talking about having Brent back again but want to make sure it doesn't conflict with any of our club events. Very nice. I should also mention they donated some cool stuff to our Parrot Grande event last year and they're giving Annette some gift certificates for the Old Boys Social Club Bash that's coming up.

Nice, nice people!

So, if you're South of the border, please drop in to The Thirsty Parrot and tell them that Kathy from the Arizona Parrot Head Club says "Hi!".

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