She IS an Evil Genius

I know we've been joking about George ordering things from the Internet, selling nuclear secrets, plotting to have me killed, etc. It all seemed pretty preposterous...until tonight.

I've been collecting ticket money for the May Buffett show (note to potential burglars - it's checks and will be hidden away and the gods know you couldn't find anything in my house if you tried because I can't and I live here) and it's all in an envelope. I was working on the computer tonight when she jumped on the table, stuck her head under the envelope to knock it on the floor then started dragging it away.

WTF? Has she opened an overseas bank account in the club's name? Just what nefarious scheme has she conjured?

I'm just waiting for her to go to her room for a potty break and then I'm going to hide the envelope from her, too. Better to be safe than sorry.

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