Stimulating The Economy One Catnip Mouse At A Time

So, I've been yapping at anyone that will listen that I think a lot of our economic issues are being made worse because of fear. Yes, there are lots of folks losing their jobs and getting hours cut back (I know many) but there are also people out there still making good money with no threat to their jobs hanging over their heads.

Those are the people who should be spending. After all, there are deals to be had all over the place. Why not cash in on that?

But, then I realized that I'm one of those people still making good money and in no danger of losing my job yet I've cut back on spending. And, I'm a notorious spender. So, if I'm not heeding my own advice, I guess I can't be surprised that no one else is.

My biggest non-social activity expenditure was a trip to PetSmart. It was a $60 trip by the time I was done.

George was sorely in need of her kitty litter box getting changed. She even left me a little present outside of it as a reminder. Since it's an electric box, I have to buy special trays which aren't sold at grocery stores so I have to go to PetSmart.

Of course, once I'm in that store, I can't leave without buying the baby some more toys. This is where the frivolous spending comes in. I got her a new feather on a stick toy, a new laser pointer, two more crackle balls and a dozen catnip mice. I swear she already has dozens of the latter but they're nowhere to be found.

I dumped her toy purchases on the table and had to go back to the car to get the trays. By the time I got back in, she'd pulled the feather on a stick out of the bag and on to the floor where she was playing with it despite the fact that it was still attached to the cardboard packaging. It was clearly a hit and is already short two feathers.

I also bought her a new bag of cat food which made me sad. I bought the Indoor Cat formula and not the Kitten stuff. My baby is all grown up!

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