So This Is What We've Come To

The Rocket Scientist and I went to dinner at Red Robin tonight then made a short shopping trip to Target.

Poor guy. I subjected him to my buying new bedding process. It involved going up and down all of the aisles multiple times before I picked a comforter then nearly endless attempts to match sheets to it. I was about to bail on the comforter because I couldn't find just the right sheets. That's when we finally realized the comforter set included sheets. Oops. They match, too!

In case you're interested, it's a white background with big Polka Dots in brown, aqua, teal and lime green. Cute!

We left the store and headed to our respective cars and TRS said, "See you on Facebook."

I laughed but then I thought it was a somewhat sorry comment on our lives. There was no thought of getting a nightcap or continuing to hang at my place. Just an acceptance that our relationship was moving to an online status. Hmmmm...not sure exactly what that says.

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