Be Happy I Didn't Take The Picture

A big group of us headed to El Golfo which is a gorgeous beach about an hour from Rocky Point. The qualifications to attend was to bring your own beer and a "toy". The toys in question were a combination of ATVs, Quads and a heavy duty golf cart.

Our vehicles consisted of three trucks pulling trailers, Annette's Xterra and the Pirate Captain's big, red Chevy truck. We carefully navigated down the partially washed out road to the beach and got stuck at the end where we couldn't go any further because another group had parked an old school bus, a popup camper/car and a couple of tents (including a teepee) at the end of the road to the beach and even pulled a rope across the road to stop all traffic.

So, we stopped about 100 yards away from them up on the road and lugged our stuff down to the beach via human effort and Quad delivery. As we were unpacking our popups, two of the guys came over from the other group and started talking to us. The older guy was the spokesperson and he basically said, "We have a favor to ask. We're here to experience the quiet so we'd appreciate it if you would ride your vehicles the other way away from us on the beach."

We all just kind of stared at him. Seriously? You've blocked off the public beach access so we're stuck here and now you want us to avoid your area? And, BTW, a guy in his 40s should not be wearing his shorts so low that we have to see 4 inches of his underwear. OK, I'm probably the only one that thought that last part.

Although we made fun of him, our group was respectful and only went the other way on the beach. After the initial toy run foray and return by some of our peeps, we had two more visitors from their campsite. This time, it was two beautiful girls who came over to ask for a ride on a Quad. One was an exchange student from Sweden and the other from Germany. They were going to school in San Diego and signed up for a Baja tour on Craigslist. They seemed pretty brave to have gone on said tour once they saw the dilapidated school bus but, hey, when you're young you just think about the fun and not consider that the people could be skeevy, axe murderers. (Because not all axe murderers are skeevy.)

One of the pretty girls (and, not the picture you don't want me to take)
All of the guys in our group were married so I expect they realized it would not be a good idea to head off into the desert with a hot young thing while their wives waited behind. The girls looked pathetic enough that Sue and Helen both decided to give them rides. They were very grateful and chatted a little after their rides then headed back to their camp.

Now, on to the part where you're grateful I didn't take any pictures.

While our second group went out for a ride, we noticed one of the guys from the other camp was marching towards us. He was using a tiki torch as a walking stick and decidedly coming our way as the other guys encouraged him.

One of us with better eyesight than I said, "Is he naked?" We were like, "Nah, that can't be possible. He must have a thong or a loincloth on." As he got closer, it was apparent that he was, indeed, naked except for his shoes.

I now have the picture of a doughy, Ginger with a small unit burned into my brain. Since I chose not to take an actual picture, you are spared that image. Unless you're picturing it on your own. Sorry.

One of our guys handled it perfectly. He walked up the guy and said, "You know, we were respectful and haven't ridden our vehicles by your camp. We'd appreciate it if you would be just as respectful and not walk through ours naked."

The guy nodded and said "OK" then walked back to his camp where he was greeted like a hero. I'll throw in another, Seriously? We did nothing to provoke them except we were nice to their pretty captives, er, fellow travelers. 

There was no more interaction between the groups. We did enjoy the fact that a bunch of other people rode Quads and drove their vehicles by their camp the whole day but we stayed above the fray.

It was a beautiful day and we got some stories so that's an added bonus. Unfortunately, for me, my love for Gingers is now greatly diminished. Damn that doughy boy.


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