Book Review - Dead End Job

Dead End JobDead End Job by Ingrid Reinke
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another free Kindle read.

Louisa is an Admin for the legal department of a PR company in the midst of a big merger. She's a hot mess at the beginning of the book. Slacker at work, anxiety-prone and a mess around men. I found that to be laid on a bit thick and discordant as she managed to still have a full social life and a lot of great friends.

When people at the firm start dying, Louisa is a suspect and also in danger. She half-heartedly tries to discover who's killing her co-workers but can't get past her hots for a good looking cop and the office cutie.

I saw some growth in Louisa but it felt a little forced considering the shortness of the timeframe for the story.

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