Book Review - Bemused

BemusedBemused by Catherine Winchester
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A friend gave me his old Kindle to try out so I got this book free from Amazon to read on that device. I thought I would find it annoying because I'm a really fast reader and there's not a lot of text on one page but I very quickly got used to it and I liked the portability.

On to the book, Niall is a Scottish property developer who is attacked by vampires one night while leaving the pub. Suddenly appearing to rescue him is Mel, an apparent 20-something, beautiful woman. She fights off the vampires then reveals to Niall that she is a 6,000 year old Muse and has been giving him inspiration since he was a small child.

Mel is tired of sitting on the sidelines so she enlists Niall into solving a supernatural case of a hotel with mysterious, malicious incidents and the two become increasingly closer emotionally.

This was just OK. Pretty much a fluffy, paranormal romance without the hot sex that those books often have.

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