John Patti Sandwich

I made my annual trip to Key West at the end of October for Meeting of The Minds. It's where several thousand parrot heads take over the island and follow all things Trop-Rock.

Two great things about the event are the chance to meet some wonderful people from across the country and to see a lot of musicians. And, meet a lot of musicians. So, that makes three great things. The Trop-Rock people are super friendly and really gracious with, and grateful for, their fans.

I was working Registration on Thursday morning and had two super volunteers, Lorene and Joe at one of the desks. I swear they worked more hours during the convention than I did and I'm an assistant Chair.

In walked John Patti and his Dad, John Patti, Sr. Lorene was so excited! She got in between them for a hug then moved back to her job. I stopped her and said, "Do it again so I can get a picture." Man, that was even more exciting! She lunged between them and almost knocked down Jr in her exuberance.

I asked her, "Who's your friend who got that to happen twice?"

Yeah, I'm good that way.

She emailed me today for a copy of the picture and I was mad at myself that I hadn't already sent it to her. I suspect it will end up in a place of honor. And, there might even be copies made so she can view it in different places.

John Patti Sandwich - Yum!


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