Book Review - Steve Jobs

Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was our book club selection. I was happy about that because I wanted to read this book but couldn't muster the energy on my own to tackle 600 pages.

We really didn't like it.

The first 200 pages, I thought, "What an asshole" on every page. Jobs was one crazy, self-absorbed, delusional dude. However, a brilliant dude when it came to vision. When it came to execution, it's hard to know what was Jobs and what wasn't because he took credit for a lot of others' work. And, for a guy who said he didn't care about money, he certainly screwed a lot of people out of some large sums.

Most of us felt that the writing was what distracted us. It read to me like a "look at all the research I did" tome with lots of small stories in it. Others found the jumping back and forth on the timeline annoying.

I knew a lot more about Jobs than the other members in my book club so the major things weren't new to me. I don't regret reading the book because I did learn some more of the history of a company and a man who have literally influenced the world.

But, overall, we would give this a "meh" to a "I'm sorry I picked it for the group".

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