Is Jimmy Coming?

It's the same thing every year at Meeting of The Minds. The whole island buzzes with the question, "Is Jimmy coming this year?" Heck, the questions start even before we get there, "Do you think Buffett will show up?"

Since Buffett has shown up a few times, it always makes the rumors seem plausible and several Trop Rockers have written songs about the wondering experience, it's so prevalent.

My friend Jim managed to work himself up into quite the lather this year about a potential visit by Buffett. He quizzed everyone remotely in the know and pretty much took every rumor at face value. He just couldn't let go of the idea even though we all told him it wasn't going to happen. Of course, the powers that be want you to think it could happen so he never got a straight out, "No, he's not coming" message from anyone. It didn't help that another friend of ours was all over the island telling people Jimmy was definitely coming.

To make Jim's delusion even more entertaining for us, our friend Dave proposed a bet. If Jimmy showed up, I had to drink a Bud Light and, if he didn't show, Jim had to drink a Miller Lite.

This was not a fair wager. While I really don't care for Bud Light, I'll drink it. Jim LOATHES Miller Lite. He swears it tastes like mold and that it makes him physically sick. I think he's being dramatic as it is a multi-award winning brew. He just doesn't have good taste. :)

We got to Saturday night which was the last chance for Jimmy to show. I over-served myself so I really wanted to go to bed and skip going to the Casa altogether. That would not do for Jim. I then offered up that I would take a 90 minute nap then hook up with the gang.

I wasn't even asleep when my phone rang. It was Jim telling me that I had to come to the Casa and that he had been told there was at least one, maybe two "reasons" why I needed to. I told him I would come after a much shorter nap then what I wanted or needed.

When I got to the Casa, it was clear to me that Buffett wasn't going to be there. There wasn't extra security and I wasn't banned from backstage which is what happens when he's there. Ultimately, there were no guest stars at all. We did enjoy a lovely show by members of Buffett's band, though.

A few of us discussed what rumor we should start next year. Not Jimmy, that's old news. Kenny Chesney or Alan Jackson seemed reasonable, though. So, if you hear one of those guys are coming next year, take it with a grain of salt.

After the Casa show and meet and greet was done, it was payoff time! We went to The Bottle Cap and told the server that Jim really wanted a Miller Lite! Actually, we told her about the bet and she thought it was funny.

Drink up!
Man, did we laugh our asses off as Jim tried his best to quickly chug through the Lite so he could wash the taste out of his mouth with a Light.

Oh, the smell!
He managed not to vomit which was nice and he did drink the whole thing. The next day, another of our friends made sure to get on Facebook first thing in the morning because he knew I would have the picture there. He was not disappointed.

I just hope Jim remembers this next year when he gets all crazy about the rumors again. I suspect that he won't.


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