Love My Team

Actually, not a sports related post...

We really have a great group of people on our IT team. In the 15 years that I've been at the company, I think this is the strongest and most pleasant collection we've had. (We've had really talented people before but they weren't always pleasant - that's just no bueno for the rest of us.)

A few months ago, I started having weekly meetings with our Help Desk and one of the System Admins. We go over project work, talk about what the current challenges/opportunities are and share corporate information.

We also laugh. A lot.

Truly, most of what we talk about is work related but we manage to find the humor in it. I always come out of that meeting with a big smile.

After the first meeting, I walked by the boss and he said, "That sounded like fun in there, I'd like to be in that meeting." I said, "You're not invited." and just kept on walking. He took it in the spirit it was intended but he's really not invited.

We had our meeting yesterday afternoon and it was jolly as usual and set me up for a good mood the rest of the day. As I read everyone's posts on FB about being thankful, I thought of those guys and how nice it is to have a team that can not only be counted on but can also be enjoyed. Lucky us.


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