I Guess I've Been A Stalker Longer Than I Thought

While the boys and I were wandering throughout Key West, we decided to stop in to Irish Kevin's and catch the show. This is a place where the performers routinely call out people in the audience, get them to come on stage and do crazy stuff and generally heckle the crowd while also playing music.

It was fairly late at night and I must confess that I was beat. I don't think I even ordered a beer. There were two guys on stage and they were playing some good tunes but not really doing the audience participation part that we expected.

We were on the street side of the stage and, as I checked out the performers, I saw whom I thought was My Drummer on far side of the stage.

I wrote this post back in 2006 about My Drummer. I've moved up to capitalizing the title because the story has gone on so long, it's almost mythical. Well, mythical in my world anyway.

Circa 2006 - Notice I had bad Key West hair then, too
After craning my neck and leaning back, I was nearly convinced it was indeed Jim. I was instantly wide awake and excited. I walked over to where he was and peered closer. Yep, now 99% sure it was him but to be 100%, I said, "Are you Jim from The Mighty, Mighty Cocktones?" I think he was pretty surprised to be remembered and told the other guy, "She remembers me from the Cocktones!"

It's a small world in Key West!
I told him I was Kathy from Phoenix and that we used to go see the band every year and he "may" have actually remembered me. If not, the fact that I requested Jessie's Girl should have done the trick if nothing else did. I bet I've asked him to play that song close to 20 times throughout the years.

As I walked back to our table, the other guy said, "We're Jared and Jim, look us up on Facebook!" I said, "Shouldn't that be Jim and Jared?" He did laugh at that so I didn't offend him.

It was a nice blast from the past even though I didn't see him the rest of the week. There's always next year...assuming no restraining order, of course.


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