Ugliest Hawaiian Shirt Ever!

I've seen a lot of ugly Hawaiian shirts in my day. We all have. The ones that are so bright, they glow in the dark. The ones that have some sort of psychedelic design that could give you a seizure if you stare at it too long. You know what I'm talking about here. They can be really bad.

However, there is no shirt uglier than what my friend Jeff, also known as Jello Shot Prince, has. And, he wears it to every Buffett concert. Since he and I have gone to more Buffett shows together than we have with anyone else, I have to see the shirt a lot.

Seriously, those are some damn ugly parrots.
The picture above is Jeff at the Phoenix Buffett show this month. I could go back and find a picture from every show we've gone to but I don't want to make you look at the shirt more than you already have.

I think it's so bad that I offered his wife $100 to make it go away. She refused. Not because she thinks it's a good shirt but because he loves it so much. Chalk it up to another reason why I'm single because that think would go AWOL in my house.

A few years ago, I saw someone wearing the same shirt in Vegas and tried to get a picture of it. I couldn't believe that someone else would actually wear that thing besides Jeff.

This year, we were wandering Key West when I looked across the street and stopped in my tracks. There was a dude with the shirt on! I waited for a break in traffic then went over to talk to him.

Can you believe it!?!
My new friend took it well when I said his shirt was ugly. I told him the Jeff story and said, "The good thing is that Jeff's shirt is starting to wear out so he's going to have to retire it." My new friend then offered to give me his shirt to give to Jeff.

I declined.

So, there are actually three people in the world that I've seen that willingly wear that shirt. I weep for humanity.


Tkay said…
Jeff's shirt has actually started to change colors and I tease about that shirt because I had luggage made from the same fabric.

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