First World Travel Problems - Part One

One would think with all the traveling I do, I'd be smarter at it.

One would be wrong.

I got/had to go to Germany again for work. We decided to get in ahead of when we needed to be in the office to sightsee and overcome jet lag so we flew into Frankfurt with plans to drive to Hamburg a few days later.

After leaving Phoenix at 12:15 PM on a Thursday, we arrived in Frankfurt at 11:45 AM on Friday. I did manage to catch some winks on the plane but I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed upon arrival. We checked into the hotel and decided to shower and change then go explore.

One of the first few things I did when I got to my room was to unload my clothes and to plug in my phone but the charging bolt didn't show. I tried it in another outlet and it still wasn't getting juice. I then thought I needed to flip on some switches so I hit every single one in the room. No lights came on anywhere.

Thinking to myself that it would suck to have to change rooms with my stuff mostly unpacked, I looked all over the room for a solution because, seriously, how could the power not work?

That's when I saw a contraption by the front door. I vaguely recalled being in a hotel where you had to do something with said contraption. I tried pushing on what could maybe be a button but still no power.

So, I called the front desk and got the girl who only spoke a small amount of English (but 1,000 times better than I speak German) and said, "How do I get the power on in the room?" She said something back that I couldn't interpret but I assumed she was asking for my room number. I told her, "Room 221" and she said, "Hold, please." then I heard a busy signal.

She had just transferred my call to my own room while I was on that phone.


So, I called back immediately and she answered, "She must not be in her room." I said, "I'm IN room 221, I can't turn on the electricity."

When she explained, I felt like a complete idiot. Yeah, you're supposed to slide your hotel key card into the contraption. Just like the hotel that I saw it at before made me do.

Defeated by modern technology
It's a good thing I live to be a lesson to others.


Justin said…
It's a great way for the hotel to control energy costs. So many travelers leave the lights on when they leave the room for hours on end.
Cheesehead said…
I applaud the idea from both an economic and ecological perspective. I just wish I weren't such a dope.

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