The Axe Murderer Returns

When you're sharing your home with another living creature it's easy to blame any strange noises you hear on said creature. I used to get woken up at oh-dark thirty by the sound of something going bump in the night. I would call out, "George, knock it off!" and go back to sleep. To be honest, I didn't look to see if it was George, she just seemed to be a likely candidate.

Now that I'm alone, I keep hearing all those same noises but there's no one to blame them on.

Maybe I was deluding myself before that it was George and it's been the axe murderer all along. Maybe he thought George was a big, strong, baseball bat wielding protective brute. Maybe, the only thing that kept him from killing me was me calling out to George.

Maybe I'm going to be hatcheted in my sleep one of these nights.


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